Employment Frequently Asked Questions

Are you part of Treasury?

We work closely with the Department of The Treasury, but manage our own financial affairs. AOFM has different pay and conditions to those of Treasury.

Can permanent Australian residents apply for positions at AOFM?

All AOFM employees must be Australian citizens. Only candidates who are already Australian citizens, or are eligible for Australian citizenship will be considered for positions within the AOFM.

How many employees does the AOFM have?

As at March 2018 we have 39 people.

What sort of people are you looking for?

People with motivation, looking to challenge themselves and take responsibility for personal achievements whilst helping their team succeed.

What qualifications do I need?

Any required qualifications will be specified in the selection criteria for the position.

Where is the AOFM?

We are located in the Treasury Building on Newlands Street.

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I’m in Perth. Will I be flown to Canberra for my interview?

Initial interviews may be held via phone or video linkage, but face-to-face interviews will normally form part of the selection process (and AOFM will fly you to Canberra for the interview).

I live in Brisbane. Will AOFM pay for my relocation?

Candidates who are successful will have reasonable relocation costs covered.

How long does the recruitment process take?

This will vary from job to job. The number of applicants, the complexity of the job requirements, and your personal circumstances may all affect the speed with which a decision about the best candidate can be made. Successful candidates will also require a security clearance which may take four weeks or more to obtain.  AOFM Recruitment staff will keep you informed at each step.

Are you on a bus route?

Action (the ACT bus service) has a bus stop outside of our building and there are several other stops nearby that will connect you to all areas of Canberra.

Can I buy my lunch nearby?

There is a café that operates from the Treasury Building. The National Library also has a café and there are several other eating spots nearby.

Are there opportunities for promotion?

Yes, AOFM wants to build on the investment in its people, but promotions are not automatic.

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Last updated: 20 March 2018