Commonwealth Debt Management 1998-99

18 October 1999

The Australian Office of Financial Management has today
released “Commonwealth Debt Management
1998-99”. The report provides information on the
Commonwealth’s debt and portfolio management operations in
1998-99 and, in appendices, statistical data on the
Commonwealth’s debt portfolio at 30 June 1999. The
appendices also contain historical data, together with details
of the redemption and stock of Commonwealth Government
securities on allocation to the States and the Northern

2. As announced in the May 1999 Budget, the Australian
Office of Financial Management was established as a separate
agency within the Treasury portfolio from 1 July 1999. The
Office, prescribed under the Financial Management and
Accountability Act 1997
, has assumed responsibility for
the Commonwealth debt management activities previously
undertaken by the Debt Management Office within the Department
of the Treasury.

3. Copies of the publication can be obtained from Government
Bookshops and the document has been included in the
Treasury Website.

18 October 1999

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