Operational Notice: Treasury Fixed Coupon Bond Issuance Calendar

10 December 2002

Op Notice No. 03/2002

Consistent with indications provided in the 2002-03 Budget, the AOFM
is planning issuance of between $2 billion and $3 billion of Treasury
Fixed Coupon Bonds in the 2002-03 financial year.

To date in 2002-03 there have been three tenders of Treasury Fixed Coupon
Bonds at which $1.2 billion of the 6.25 per cent 15 April 2015 stock has
been issued.

Three further tenders of Treasury Fixed Coupon Bonds are planned for
the remainder of the current financial year. At this stage issuance is
planned for the following dates:

  • 25 February 2003;
  • 29 April 2003; and
  • 17 June 2003.

Tenders will be confirmed at midday on the day prior to a scheduled

It should be noted that the issuance calendar is indicative only and
the Commonwealth reserves the right to amend the calendar at any time.

Last updated: 20 March 2014