Treasury System Acquisition Project

28 March 2012

The AOFM has terminated its tender process for the acquisition of a treasury system.  The tender process commenced with an open call for expressions of interest and progressed through various stages of evaluation and short-listing to assess tender compliance with the AOFM’s requirements, including a desktop review of expression of interest and tender submissions, tender presentations, proof-of-concept testing, preliminary contract negotiations and finally contractual negotiations with a preferred tenderer.  The tender process was designed to short-list respondents, generate competitive tension amongst respondents, and to subject those short-listed to a greater depth of due diligence as it progressed.

The outcome from this process was that no tender was assessed to represent a satisfactory value for money proposition to the AOFM due to technical, commercial and/or legal considerations.

The AOFM is now re-evaluating its business needs and whether it will re-engage with potential providers.

Last updated: 21 March 2014