Second RMBS Auction Notice – Modification

6 July 2015

This Operational Notice provides details of a change to the second RMBS auction, to be held on Tuesday 14 July 2015, which was announced on 10 June 2015.

As a result of the AOFM receiving from the trustee, on Friday 3 July, an Option to Call Notice for
HARVEY 2010-1 A1, this note will no longer be auctioned. The AOFM will not be substituting a replacement note for this auction. The amortised face value of this note was around $40 million.

The other details of the auction remain unchanged.

Auction Date:

Bids close 11am AEST, Tuesday 14 July 2015;

Results announced 2pm AEST, Tuesday 14 July 2015;

Confirmations to be sent to successful bidders following publication of results.


Via Austraclear, on Friday, 17 July 2015.


Up to $500m in Amortised Face Value terms.

Securities to be auctioned:

Security ISIN

AOFM Holding

(Original FV Terms)

APOLLO 2009-1 A3 AU3FN0008967 $319,200,000
PROGRESS 2012-1 A AU3FN0015616 $195,650,000
REDS 2010-2 A2 AU0000RDAHB2 $497,600,000
RESIMAC 2011-1 A AU3FN0013140 $170,000,000
SMHL 2010-1 A AU3FN0010286 $250,000,000


Last updated: 6 July 2015