Treasury Press Release: Appointment of the Chief Executive, Australian Office of Financial Management

9 March 2000

Mr Michael Allen has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive
of the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM).

  • The AOFM has been established as a separate agency within the Treasury
    portfolio to bring greater expertise to the net financing functions
    and financial risk management of the Commonwealth’s net debt portfolio.
    The AOFM has taken over the full range of functions formerly undertaken
    within the Debt Management Branch of the Treasury.

Mr Allen brings extensive public policy and practical financial market
experience to the position, having held senior management positions at
the Treasury Corporation of Victoria (the Victorian State equivalent of
the AOFM) through its establishment phase in the mid-1990s and, more recently,
in the investment bank, Warburg Dillon Read and Ernst and Young Corporate

Mr Allen is expected to take up his position as Chief Executive, AOFM,
later this month.

9 March 2000

Contact: Dr Ken Henry (02) 6263 3741

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