2000-01 Treasury Indexed Bond Programme

10 July 2000

The Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) has, in consultation
with market participants, conducted a review of its Treasury Indexed Bond

Consistent with indications provided in the 2000-01 Budget, the AOFM
is planning issuance of $300 million in Treasury Indexed Bonds in
2000-01. Issuance is to be conducted through 4 tenders of $75 million
each, which are to be held on pre-determined dates following on from the
dates of Treasury Indexed Bond coupon payments (see below).

Tender Date Amount
24 August 2000 $75 million
23 November 2000 $75 million
22 February 2001 $75 million
24 May 2001 $75 million
Total $300 million

Treasury Indexed Bond tender announcements will continue to be made at
12:00 pm on the day prior to a scheduled tender. These announcements will
provide full details of the tender, including details of the stock that
is being offered for tender. Tenders will continue to be conducted on
a competitive tender basis, closing at 12:15 pm on the day of the
tender, with results being announced at 12:45 pm on that day.


10 July 2000


Mr Mike Allen

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Office of Financial Management

(02) 6263 2713

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