New Arrangements for Tenders of Commonwealth Government Securities

17 October 2006

Op Notice No. 04/2006

On 19 May 2006 in Operational Notice No. 2/2006 it was announced that the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) would proceed with the introduction of a new electronic system for the collection and processing of tender bids for the issue of Commonwealth Government Securities, and that the Bloomberg Auction System (BAS) had been chosen following an open selection process.

Arrangements for implementation of the new tender system have now been completed and future tenders for the issue of Treasury Notes and Treasury Bonds will be conducted using BAS.  The first tender conducted using the new tender system is expected to be the Treasury Bond tender presently tentatively scheduled for 24 October 2006.  This tender is expected to be officially confirmed at noon on 23 October 2006.

Bids for stock offered for sale via the new tender system may only be submitted by parties that are registered with the AOFM.

All tenders will be officially announced on the AOFM website ( on the day prior to the day of the tender. Tender announcements provide full details of the tender, including details of the stock that is being offered.  Notification of tender announcements and results can be obtained by subscribing to the AOFM email service.

Tender announcements and results will also be broadcast via the Bloomberg and Reuters wire services.  The relevant pages are as follows:


Bloomberg Reuters
Treasury Bond Tenders AOFM1 AOFM01
Treasury Note Tenders AOFM2 AOFM02

In conjunction with the new tender arrangements the Terms and Conditions of Issue documents for Treasury Notes and Treasury Bonds have been replaced by new Information Memoranda.

  • The new Information Memoranda include changes that reflect the new tender arrangements.
  • Other changes include changes that relate to the bid amounts permissible in tenders for Treasury Notes and Treasury Bonds.  The bid amounts permissible for both Treasury Notes and Treasury Bonds will now be a minimum bid amount of $1 million face value, and for amounts in excess of the minimum, only amounts which are whole multiples of $1 million face value.

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