Operational Notice: Treasury Bond Issuance

14 May 2003

Operational Notice: No. 06/2003


Treasury Fixed Coupon Bonds

To date, in the 2002-03 financial year there have been five tenders of Treasury Fixed Coupon Bonds at which $2 billion of the 6.25 per cent 15 April 2015 stock has been issued.

One further tender of Treasury Fixed Coupon Bonds is planned between now and end-June 2003. At this stage, it is planned to conduct this tender on 17 June 2003.

Consistent with indications provided in the 2003-04 Commonwealth Government Budget, the AOFM is planning issuance of between $2 billion and $3 billion of Treasury Fixed Coupon Bonds in the 2003-04 financial year. Further issuance into the existing April 2015 Treasury Fixed Coupon Bond will be undertaken to ensure its volume is similar to other benchmark lines. It is also expected that a new long dated bond will be issued towards the second half of 2003-04 with a term to maturity of around 13 years.

Indicative issuance dates for Treasury Fixed Coupon Bonds in the 2003-04 financial year will be announced prior to the start of 2003-04.

Treasury Indexed Bonds

In the 2003-04 Commonwealth Government Budget it was announced that issuance of Treasury Indexed Bonds would be suspended. The $50 million Treasury Indexed Bond tender that had been set down for 22 May 2003 will therefore now not proceed.

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